White Horse Relay

Carer Support Wiltshire
Charity No: 1092762


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All distances shown are approximate.

Map OS 157

Cherhill White Horse - SU 049 696

Parking at Knoll Down Car Park

  1. From Knoll Down Car Park 2km west of Beckhampton to Broad Hinton (9.5 miles)
  2. This stage passes the Broad Town White Horse

Broad Town White Horse - SU 098 783

Hackpen White Horse - SU 128 749

  1. Broad Hinton to Marlborough (Manton) (7.2 miles)
  2. This stage passes the Hackpen White Horse

Marlborough White Horse - SU 184 682

  1. Marlborough to Knap Hill (6.6 miles)

Maps OS 157 & OS 130

Alton Barnes White Horse - SU 106 637

  1. Knap Hill to Pewsey (7.6 miles)

Pewsey White Horse - SU 171 580

  1. Pewsey to Upavon (7.1 miles)
  2. Upavon to Gore Cross (9.6 miles)
  3. Gore Cross to Bratton (9.5 miles)

Maps OS 143 & OS 156

Westbury White Horse - ST 898 516

  1. Bratton Recreation Grounds to Seend Head (7.3 miles)
  2. Seend Head to Devizes (Roundway Hill) White Horse (8.1 miles)

Devizes White Horse - SU 016 641

Map OS 157

  1. Devizes White Horse to Cherhill (5.2 miles)

The Glory Leg

This stage runs from the A4, across the road from the end of the last leg, to The White Horse Inn, our Headquarters for the prize giving.

It must be run by a runner who has already completed an earlier stage.

It is nearly 2 miles

Winning Team

At each stage, runners to be awarded points: 1 for the 1st finisher, 2 for the 2nd finisher, 3 for the third finisher, etc. The winning team is the team with the least points.

In the event of 'no runner' for a leg, the team will be deemed to have come last for that stage.

No time keepers necessary

We will not record times except, since it might be useful, the (approx) winning time at each leg and the time for the last runner, for future organisation


will be presented in The White Horse Inn at Compton Bassett


There are 10 stages plus a glory leg covering a total distance of about 77 miles.

Starting Times for each Stage

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