White Horse Relay

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Stage 9 - Seend Head to the Devizes White Horse.

8.1 miles

The route is mainly along the White Horse Trail, the canal towpath and Quakers' Walk

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The start of this stage is just opposite from the finish of the previous stage, on the other side of the A361.

Stage 9 starts the other side of the gate.

Run along this lane until you reach Row Lane.

Run up Row Lane away from Seend Head along a picturesque country road until you come to a junction.

Turn left here and continue through the village until you see, on the left, The Barge Inn. Run over the bridge and immediately turn left towards the canal. You should see a fence on your left. Turn left again at the end of this fence and go down towards the towpath and run back under the bridge. Continue along the towpath, you pass two locks and come to a gate. Cross the road taking care that there is no traffic and continue the other side on the towpath.

You will pass a couple of swing bridges before you see a road bridge. Continue along the towpath under the bridge. A bit further on there is a second road bridge under which you pass. Going along the towpath the next landmark you will see is "Foxhangers Boats". Just after this there is a bridge over which you must go to cross the canal and continue on the towpath and up past the locks.

Run under the bridge, the road to Rowde. Pass under the another road bridge, this is the main road, A361 which goes to Devizes and continue along the towpath. Pass under yet another road bridge, the A342, but immediately go up onto the A342 and cross to the north side of the canal and back on to the towpath. The towpath bends to the right and, at the next bridge, cross back over the bridge to the south side of the canal.

At the next bridge, New Park Road (although you may see no sign to show this), turn left and cross the bridge.

It would be useful to have a marshal at this point.

You will see a gate ahead. Go round to the right of it and pass through to the lane the other side.

Continue up this avenue between the trees, across a lane called Roundway Park and straight on. The trees have now disappeared and you are running between two fields.

At the end of these fields there is a junction, bear left and follow the track at the edge of the field until you come to some steps. Turn left on to the road and follow it for a few yards as it bears left. On your right there is a stile (and on your left, a footpath sign). Cross the stile and follow the track next to the bushes on your left. Soon you will see a track which leads to a stile (on the other side of which you can see the White Horse Trail disc) Continue along the track up the slope until you come to a barrier and "V" passage. Continue straight across the road, along the track.

At the top bear right towards the trees until you see a sign (welcoming you to the woods) and a "stile". Continue through the wood until you come to the end of this stage.

The White Horse is the other side of the car park which is just in front of you, the other side of the style.

Cars that wish to travel from the start of this leg up to the Devizes White Horse are advised to use the A361 to Folly Road and then up to the White Horse

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