White Horse Relay

Carer Support Wiltshire
Charity No: 1092762

Westbury White Horse

Duties of Marshals, Starters and Recorders

The Start.

Before the start of each stage, the Starter shall be required to check that the nominated runner for each team is present. Any missing runner shall be noted and the team will be awarded maximum points for that stage, as a penalty.

Before each stage the Starter must warn runners of the potential danger points of their stage as mentioned below. They must also be warned to take care when running along tarmac roads as no roads have been closed for this event.

The runners must all assemble at the start line and the starter must commence the race at the allotted time.

The Finish.

At the end of each stage, the Recorder must note the number of each runner in the order of finishing. It would be helpful if the time of arrival of the first and last runners be also noted so that this may be used for future events.

Anticipated times of arrival have been calculated based on the first runner running 10 miles in 1 hour and the last runner taking twice as long.

Each stage has a cut-off time so that marshals and recorders do not stay in position longer than necessary.

During each stage.

Although runners have been told that it is their own responsibilty to know the route, it is intended to have Marshals at intersections.

Marshals - Location and Reason or Hazard

It is the duty of Marshals to ensure the safety of runners, however any runner crosses a road at his own risk.

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