White Horse Relay

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Stage 4 - Knap Hill, near the Alton Barnes White Horse to Pewsey

Approximately 7.65 miles

The Alton Barnes White Horse is: Ordnance Survey reference SU 106 637

This leg will start from Knap Hill which is about 900 metres to the east of the White Horse

We are not starting this leg from the White Horse because it would involve crossing a road which could be a potential danger.

The route is mainly along Mid Wilts Way, Tan Hill Way and the White Horse Trail.

Route - (Select Satellite view) and a virtual run using photos.

Start at Knap Hill - SU 116 636

Car Parking is at Knap Hill at the start of this leg.

This stage will start in the field, just over the stile. Follow the signs for 'Mid Wilts Way'.

In front of you is a hill from the top of which there are wonderful views, however, take the track (Tan Hill Way) to the left of this. After the gate, at the top of the climb, continue along the track keeping to the top of the ridge with the valley on your right.

On your way along the ridge you will cross three metal stiles before you see a wood (Gopher Wood) ahead. Skirt round this wood to the left. Pass through two farm gates (one probably will be open and the other closed but with a stile next to it) and continue to the bottom of the slope.

At the foot of the slope there is a gate. Go through this and straight across the path which crosses your route and follow the track uphill passing through another gate. At the top of the hill there is a gate. Do not go through it - it leads to a bird sanctuary - turn right, keeping the fence on your left. At the corner of the fence turn left and continue across the meadow keeping the fence on your left. You come to another gate and 'stiles' either side of it. Climb over the 'stile' and continue still with the fence on your left.

Bear left at the corner of the fence and continue to follow it keeping it still on your left, along the track between the trees. Pass through a gate and continue to follow the track towards another gate. Beware of rabbit holes. Nearby there is a smaller gate. Pass through this and continue along the grassy track between two fences until you come to a road.

Follow this road, past the entrance to Huish Down Farm, for about another 700 metres until you reach the A345 road.

Look before crossing. Do not run across this road regardless. Think how a driver would feel for the rest of his life if he killed you.

A345, Oare Hill - SU 164 643

Extreme care is required here. Obey the marshals. You are crossing the road between Pewsey and Marlborough which is a fast, busy road with a blind hill summit obscuring the view.

Having crossed the road, run up the hill, the Tan Hill Way, until you come to some trees on both sides of the track.

The White Horse Trail bears left beneath the trees. ... Continue along this track until you come to the second 4-way junction which is clearly marked by a metal sign-post and take the path marked West Wick.

Continue along this path keeping the bushes to your left until you come to a fence. Follow the fence to the right and pass through the gate (marked Access Land). Keep the fence to your right until you soon see a track and shallow gully, where you turn left to descend the field steeply. At the foot of this hill you will see two tracks. DO NOT TURN LEFT but continue along the track straight ahead.

Follow this track along the edge of the field until you come to a stile (marked Mid Wilts Way). Cross the stile, turn immediately left, and you will soon meet a track which cuts across your route. Continue straight across and along a track until you come to a road (Sunnyhill Lane). This is Bethnal Green. Turn left, pass a farm on your right and turn right at the next lane, signposted Inlands Farm, Pewsey, 140 metres further on. ... soon you will meet a track. Continue along this track for two kilometres, crossing the canal at Pains Bridge and running under the railway at Knowle where you join Hollybush Lane. You are now in the outskirts of Pewsey.

You will cross a road (cul de sac) which comes from your left and will quickly meet the roundabout (painted on the road) at Milton Road/High Street.

The finish of this stage is just before the crossing.

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