White Horse Relay

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Stage 8 - Bratton Recreation Grounds (below the Westbury White Horse) to Seend Head (Seend Cleeve)

7.3 miles

The White Horse Trail

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Start in the Bratton Recreation Grounds (ST 190 529)

Parking is available in the recreation grounds. Changing and Showers are also available here.

Recreation Grounds.
Gates will be unlocked.
Room for about 15 cars.
Changing showers.
'Caution runners' signs

This stage is mainly cross country although the start is on road. It passes through West Ashton, Steeple Ashton, Keevil and finishes near Seend Cleeve.

The route follows the White Horse Trail.

There may be cattle in the Manor Farm fields in Steeple Ashton - don't try to frighten them.

This stage is characterised by old wooden stiles hidden in hedgerows.

This stage starts by a tour of the recreation grounds, the aim being to spread out the runners before you arrive at and turn right on to the Trowbridge Road along which you continue until you pass over the railway bridge. Turn immediately left onto Capps Lane, a quiet road, and follow this. (In May this sign had fallen over, so may not be obvious). The road bends slightly left. A bit further on look for footpath markers crossing the road including the WHT sign (blue and white discs saying White Horse Trail).

Cross the stile on the right and continue straight ahead across the fields keeping the big trees slightly to your right. Aim for the gap in the hedge to the left of the tall tree. Continue straight across, your next target being another big tree with a gate set in the hedge. Keep going along this next field, keeping the hedge to your right until you come to another gate. Pass through and continue into the next field. Run until you reach a big gate and a road.

Turn right along the road (Bratton Road) and continue along it on the left hand side until it starts to bear right.

Stage 12

A marshal will be required here.

Turn left at the footpath sign on the corner and follow the footpath to the left around the field. Turn right at the top of the field and then take the next left and follow the track up and across the next two fields. Here you will meet a track. Continue straight on up the hill to East Town Farm.

After the farm buildings turn right and follow a winding track which proceeds on down hill to a junction of tracks. Turn left here along the track. Follow this track. Cross a bridge (a couple of planks) and continue along the track. Follow the footpath and the track across the field. At the end of the field you should see a sign. Turn right here and follow the lane. Turn right into Butts Lane which will take you into Steeple Ashton.

Turn left into the High Street.

A marshal will be required here.

Turn right into Church Street. Just before the Church there is a pathway on the left marked Wiltshire County Council, Public Footpath. Turn left here and go past the churchyard to the end of the wall. Go through the kissing gate marked with the WHT sign and continue round the churchyard wall.

At the end of the churchyard wall go through a gap and bear right to a new gate marked WHT. Go through this and immediately, on your left, is another new gate marked Mid Wilts Way and Wiltshire County Council, Public Footpath. Go through this and diagonally (right) across the next field aiming for the trees in the corner to the gate. Continue across the next field (you are near the right hand end of it) to another gate. Go over the small bridge to a kissing gate and you will see a post marked with the WHT sign.

Follow the track to the end of the next field. At the end there is a spinney. Do NOT turn right through the gate which is not part of the White Horse Trail but carry straight on. You will see an old large gate in front of you. Next to this is a small new gate marked WHT. Go through this and continue along the edge of the spinney for about 50 yards before turning right through a kissing gate also marked WHT. The farmer has very kindly cleared the nettles.

At this time of year parts of the route can be heavily infested with sting nettles and thistles. Also beware that there can be temporary electric fences restricting grazing cattle in fields on the route. Gardeners probably know that nettles flower from May to September!

Go back along the other side of the spinney before turning left towards Keevil at the sign WHT.

At the end of this field pass through a gate marked Mid Wilts Way and along a track. At the end of the track you continue along the edge of a field to a wooden kissing gate marked WHT, then along a narrow track to another wooden kissing gate marked WHT and into a field. Keep the hedge on your left until you come to a metal kissing gate marked WHT.

Go diagonally across the field to a metal gate marked WHT. Cross the bridge and enter the churchyard of Keevil Church. Go straight through, bear left and you will come to the main street.

This is Keevil.

Turn right on to Main Street and follow it as it turns left and then bends slowly to the right.

After the last house on your left the road turns sharply left again. Follow this road and take the turning to the left. Soon you come to a junction. Turn left and continue to the next road junction. The end of this stage is just before the road junction, on the grass.

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