White Horse Relay

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Stage 7 - the A360 at Gore Cross, past Westbury White Horse, to Bratton

9.5 miles

The route is entirely along the Imber Range Perimetre Path.

This is also the White Horse Trail

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This is last year's stage 11 and it has been extended to go round the Westbury White Horse and down the hill to Bratton. The finish will at the road-side just before Westbury Road. There will be showers and changing facilities available at the Recreation Ground.

Start at Gore Cross - SU 008 509

Park cars on the side of the roads but do not block any exits or entrances

This stage is best suited to your fastest road runners. The whole route is on wide roads, some tarmaced, some unmade, with no obstacles like stiles (except after the White Horse), and follows the Imber Range Path to Westbury White Horse and then on the Bratton.

There may be a little traffic, no road closure has been requested.

Study the map carefully and get to know the route beforehand.

To your left is Ministry of Department property along the whole route. Do not stray into this land.

Follow the road.

Take the first turn right.

After 4½ miles the major track on which you are running turns left (although there is a path which continues straight ahead). Follow the major track to the left.

After a further mile the road turns right, but you must turn left on to a (wide) track.

A little further on, turn right.

For the last part of this leg study the map carefully.

Follow a straight road which has a deep hollow in it before coming to a junction. Bear right and quickly left at the next junction. Continue up the slope and straight on.

Soon you will see, in the distance, some trees on the right of the road. As you get nearer you will realize that there is a building there as well. Turn right after this building and, to your left, you will see the parking place for visitors to the White Horse.

Continue keeping the parking area on your left until you come to a stile.

The Westbury White Horse is just across the stile: Ordnance Survey reference ST 884 516

Cross the stile and run past the top of the White Horse on a narrow trail. When you see a fence (with a gate) in front on you, bear right up the slope until you come to a stile and the road.

Turn left on to the road and continue downhill until you come to the finish just before Westbury Road.

The Bratton Recreaction Ground is about ½ mile further on, down Court Hill into Trowbridge Road where showers and changing facilities will be available.

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