White Horse Relay

Carer Support Wiltshire
Charity No: 1092762

Westbury White Horse
Westbury White Horse

Relay Race around the 8 visible White Horses in Wiltshire

UK:A Licence Number: TRA/24-12

This event is being held under UK Athletics rules

Last held on Sunday, 30th September 2012, at 09:00

This event is being run in support of Carer Support Wiltshire to whom all profits will be given

To contact landowners
contacting all parish clerks through which the event passes
contacting all landowners and farmers through which the event passes
A list of all those contacted previously is available

This job can be done at almost any time during the year providing it is completed about a couple of months before the event.

I can provide a list (either telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or postal addresses) of all parish clerks, farmers and landowners that I have contacted in the past.

Publicity - Everybody
Each committee member should do their maximum to publicize the event at the various events in which they participate

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