White Horse Relay

Cherhill White Horse

Stage 10 - Devizes White Horse to Cherhill

5.2 miles

The route is mainly along the White Horse Trail and Quakers' Walk

Route - (Select Satellite view) and here is a Word File for easy printing (thanks to Carl Zalek)

The day I took these pictures started as a beautiful sunny (March) day and finished raining with a very strong wind.

Start at Roundway Hill - SU 014 641

There is a Parking Place here, at the top of the Hill.


along the


Ignore these gates and continue

straight on

and on

for about

1.2 miles.

Soon the track bears slightly left.

You will come to the Wessex Ridgeway

(although this is no longer sign posted)

Turn right here.

Do not continue straight on but turn right here.

If you were to continue along this track you would soon reach the North Wilts Golf Club. You would have gone wrong - GO BACK!

These are the discs/signs on the corner post.

Follow the path


the pigs

until you come to a road.

This is the Wansdyke Path.

There should be a Marshal here to direct you across the road.


Continue along this pathway

keeping to the

right hand track.


Soon you will reach

some trees or bushes.

Keep straight on




Go either way around this tree.

Ignore this sign, keep straight on.



In the distance, on your left, you can now see

Cherhill monument.

Keep straight on.

Keep straight on.

and on

and on

until you come to a gate

with a gap for pedestrians

which, when I passed, was closed to traffic.

Note that the five white pyramid shaped bollards which were here in 2008 (shown by a red arrow on the Google map) have now been removed.
You are no more than 150 metres from the A361 (on your right) at this point.

Turn left and follow

the track

(with the monument in front of you)

past the trees on your left



until you come to a signpost.

Continue straight ahead.

You can still see the monument to your left.

You start

to climb,

still on the White Horse Trail.

through the gate,

follow the track

up and round,

through another gate.

Head straight up over the hill. You come

to a rough lane that curves in front of you.

You need to follow the lane to the right, down

the hill. The surface is a little uneven

but just follow the lane.

You come to a style by a gate.

Cross the style and continue on the track.

Continue straight on down the track ignoring

the turns to the right.




At the end of the lane is a gate with a gap

to the right of it, you can run through this gap.

The finish is just before the road.

If you have problems parking near the finish of this stage, it is suggested that you park your car in Yatesbury Lane or in the lay-by nearby, whilst you wait for your colleague who is running.

To get to The White Horse Inn, our Headquarters for the afternoon, drive to the turning for Cherhill, turn right up Marsh Lane (see Map) and continue for 2½ miles to Compton Bassett.

The Cherhill White Horse is: Ordanance Survey reference SU 049 696.

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