White Horse Relay

Hackpen White Horse

Stage 2 - Hackpen White Horse to near the A4 at Manton (near Marlborough)

5.4 miles

The route is along the White Horse Trail which includes part of the Ridgeway

Route - (Select Satellite view)

Hackpen Hill White Horse: SU 028 749

The Car Park is at the top of the hill actually on the track. This should provide parking for about twenty cars and off-road parking is probably achievable for another ten.

Start on the Ridgeway on the opposite side of the Hackpen Hill road from the car park.

Here the track

is good and

predominantly downhill.

However running down the

Ridgeway is so enjoyable that

the marker (after 1.2 miles) for the

White Horse Trail is easily missed.

There may not be a marshal here.

The White Horse Trail bears left and

the Ridgeway bears right.

Follow the White Horse Trail

which is poorly marked


the waymark's fairly small and few.

(Snow in February!)

Follow this track

as it bears right

and soon crosses

a road.

Continue along the grassy trail


You will soon enter

a wood.


The trail ...

... through the wood ...

... is difficult to follow.

Notice these stones.

The trees begin to open up

and you should soon see this gate.

Here you can just see the WHT sign

On your right this pond was frozen in February

... and this track was muddy!

You soon come out

of this wood

and follow the track through

this meadow.

Continue straight

between these trees

until you come to another gate.


Turn left

for fifty yards

This was lying on the ground when I passed.

and then turn right.

Follow this road next to the riding




and passed this entrance.

Bear right at the next junction


keep following

the road

until you reach

a car parking lot.

Cross this (diagonally) on to a road

on the left and then bear right on to

the tarmac road.





Pass the Barton and Fyfield Yards

and the road...

... begins to twist and go downhill.

You are now approaching

the village of Manton.


Turn left here

and run uphill




Finish here.

If you now continue down this path you will reach the Bath Road (A4).

Parking at the end of the leg is in the car park of Marlborough College. Cross the A4 (there are pedestrian lights). Alternatively it is a 2 km walk to Figgins Lane.

The Marlborough White Horse (SU 14 749) is situated behind Marlborough College.

The Marlborough White Horse

can be seen from the A4 road.

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