White Horse Relay

Carer Support Wiltshire
Charity No: 1092762

Westbury White Horse
Westbury White Horse

Relay Race around the 8 visible White Horses in Wiltshire

UK:A Licence Number: TRA/24-12

This event is being held under UK Athletics rules

Last held Sunday, 30th September 2012, at 09:00

This event is being run in support of Carer Support Wiltshire to whom all profits will be given

We need a group of 8 to 10 people who are willing to work together to organise this event in 2013. Much of the work has already been done, the route exists, starting times work, many marshals and recorders have said that they would be delighted to help again next year. Most, if not all of the equipment necessary, has already been obtained. Parish clerks and landowners are already aware of this event although they will need to be recontacted. Finally much goodwill has been created.

To hold the event again next year, it will be necessary to divide the work into small jobs. I suggest that one person be responsible for each of the following jobs:

To find and distribute the boards and result sheets to each recorder
To collect the result sheets from each recorder and bring them back to the HQ
A list of people who have done this job in the past is available
Confirming that there is sufficient parking available at the start and end of each stage
Some additional parking may be necessary at some stages
Route checking
Checking that each route is still available
Clearing nettles on various tracks two to four weeks before the event
To contact landowners
contacting all parish clerks through which the event passes
contacting all landowners and farmers through which the event passes
A list of all those contacted previously is available
Distribution of material on the day
Signs: 'Caution Runners', 'Drinks Ahead', Police signs
Bibs for marshals
These can be given to Team Captains before the start of Stage 1, if desired
Souvenir prizes
Finding a sponsor for prizes or goody bags and their distribution on the day
Obtaining the water in bottles and its distribution on the day
Finding sponsors to pay for the Ambulance and Winners prizes
This may be added to the event
The Web site, Marshals, Starters, Police, Ambulance and other Permissions
BWB (canal), Forestry Commission, Landmarc (Salisbury plain), England Athletics
Publicity - Everybody
Each committee member should do their maximum to publicize the event at the various events in which they participate

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Anthony Hickson: 01225 708 432